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Client Centered

Physicians, more than members of any other profession are so committed to their practice that they often overlook important components of their personal finances, and are prone to take little notice in the fundamentals of wise investing.

Virginia Bria & Associates have been advising physicians for over twenty years. We concentrate on identifying and managing risk, keeping a budget, and being a good record keeper, paying bills in full and on time, helping fund children’s college education, and funding retirement. Another key component physicians require is the need for disability insurance, and permanent insurance. We concentrate on minimizing the acquisition of too much debt, and reducing fees when possible.

The five most important factors for obtaining financial stability are thrift, compound interest, patience, discipline, and diversification. The five most important factors that destroy wealth are greed, debt, fees, trusting everyone, and not making your own decisions.

Integrity, Objectivity and Experience is the cornerstone of our practice. When you work with our advisors, we will implement a budget, and implement a diversified investment and retirement plan with complete transparency. We provide you with the necessary resources to work with professionals that assist in putting your money to work in ways that allow you to reach your career and personal goals today and to provide a stable financial base for you and your family tomorrow.

We understand the complexities in the life of a physician, and how valuable your time is during a busy day of seeing patients. To get away for other meetings can be difficult to nearly impossible. This is why we make house calls. Our clients come first.